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until 22/12

Saturdays 10 am-14 pm

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Welcome to Tomteverkstan. Tomteverkstan is swedish and means Santaworkshop. The company is actually called AB Ljungströms Svarveri, dated back to 1940. 

Tomteverkstan manufacture Santas, and also a lot of other things, like swedish handicraft, vikings, gifts and hobby materials.  We are also marketing a big assortment of handicraft products, woodworking and metal work. Here on the webpages you will find a big part of our assortment and our new products.

Contact and information:

AB Ljungströms Svarveri

Alseda 28 574 54 Holsbybrunn Sweden Phone

Phone: +46-383-520 30

E-mail: ljungstroms@tomteverkstan.com  facebook.com/tomteverkstan

Exports: Swallings Export AB

Flygplatsvägen 21

392 41 KALMAR
Phone: 0480-885 25 
E-mail: niklas.swalling@swallings.se